Environmental Justice

Dangerous ‘extreme heat’ days to multiply inSouth Florida, study finds. Who is at risk?

Yes, it’s already very hot in Miami-Dade County. But if climate change continuesunabated, South Florida could go from steamy to scorching, adding an extra monthof “extreme heat” days by mid-century. That kind of extreme heat makes it hard to work — or live — outside and can sickenor even kill people, particularly outdoor laborers, theContinue reading “Dangerous ‘extreme heat’ days to multiply inSouth Florida, study finds. Who is at risk?”

What is Climate Justice? Why do we care?

Rising temperatures, increasing frequency and severity of storms, fires, and floods, rising sealevels, air pollution – these phenomena, strung together paint a hellscape that ought tomobilize us all, yet we live in perpetual denial. Life is busy, and for now it goes on. There is little doubt among most, that climate change is an imminentContinue reading “What is Climate Justice? Why do we care?”

Extreme Heat

Extreme temperatures have been an obvious outcome of climate change already. In the north, that has meant devastatingly cold winters with polar vortexes, power outages, and preventable deaths. In the south, it has meant the opposite. The past 7 years have all placed within the top seven hottest years on record. Miami now sees an average of 133Continue reading “Extreme Heat”

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