NCH Southern Field Office

MCARE is pleased to partner with the National Coalition for the Homeless to operate the NCH Southern Field Office, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our goals are to support and empower grassroots advocates in the Southern USA to:

  • Fight localities’ actions that criminalize homelessness
  • Educate the public on the root causes of homelessness, and
  • Advocate for permanent housing, including Housing First programs, for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Miami: We need your eyes, ears and cell phone camera to document Miami Police’s property destruction!

  • Nashville:

  • Atlanta:

Dying homeless on the streets

It’s been one of the deadliest years for the homeless in Miami-Dade County in recent memory. In 2022, 216 homeless people died on the streets of our community, one of the largest figures on record since Homeless Persons Memorial Day was created in 2000. Homeless advocates recently gathered to honor the memory of those lost during the annual Homeless Persons Memorial Candlelight…

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